Pineapple Cilantro

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A strong base of sugar cane, vanilla bean, and chiffon musk supporting mid notes of creamy coconut milk and fresh cilantro with top notes of meyer lemon and crushed pineapple.

Cilantro Description
The leaves resemble European parsley leaves in shape but this plant has a pungent, sweet-musky odor. Descriptions of the flavor of the leaves vary from citrusy with a biting tang, to soapy.

fruity, exotic, pineapple, sweet, lactonic, tart

Fruity and juicy pineapple offers an tropical experience full of sweetness with a slightly milky effect and hints of tartness.

The name pineapple comes from the similarity of the fruit to a pine cone. The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality and can often be seen in carved decorations.